Friday, April 25, 2014

Dinner for One starring Freddie Frinton and May Wa...

A bad shoulder which hindered movement in my right arm, kept me away from blogging for a long time. I tried to keep up with my Fb page D Stepladder2hope using my left hand to type whenever possible. Today I am able to type with my right hand, even though the pain is not gone completely. But it is very slight and can be managed without the suffering!

The days of a right-handed person who has nothing much to do in a foreign land except indulge in her favourite hobbies: cooking, blogging, and reading can be downright boring and awful if she can do none of these things. I read and read like a maniac initially until even holding the kindle was painful. The only relief was my daily walk. There's always a way to be happy. I believe that. So I renewed my love of movies and found a pleasant way to pass the hours. Old movies never were so great! I enjoyed each and every one. I laughed heartily during comedies, sang lustily with the musicals and played movie critic if any threatened to be boring. But I am so glad to be back at the keyboard. However I mustn't let the elation get the better of good sense. My newly developed ambidexterity enables me to rest my arm. Still, I'm not going to take undue advantage of this phase. Coming to the blog has done me a world of good. I enjoyed reading other blogs and even found a great skit which set my day right.

I laughed more than I expected to while watching this short comedy classic. I'm sure you will enjoy it too. The butler is really good and the tiger does a great job as a dead tiger rug! Trust me, slapstick in this case is funny. I'm sharing this from one of the blogs on my blog list. All you have to do is click on the link and enjoy the next seventeen minutes.
mugofstrongtea: Dinner for One starring Freddie Frinton and May Wa...: This seventeen minute comedy classic is presented by North German Television and is all in English with a short introduction in German. It...

I was glad for the seventeen hilarious minutes which helped to banish the depressing thoughts that came to me, willy nilly, when I looked out the window of my third floor bedroom, at the apartment block across the road. I have been thinking a lot about two strangers, two elderly sisters, who lived there on the nineteenth floor, a fortnight ago. I have no idea of their exact age but they were definitely not doddering oldies. Two sisters who lived in this beautiful apartment and as appearances go seemed quite fine as "I'm fine, thank you" goes. Then one beautiful sunny day while one of the them was out, the one at home decided to jump nineteen floors down and end a life that had appeared to be generally normal. By the time her sister got back, the police had arrived and residents and workers from the building stood around the body. She knew something dreadful had happened when the concierge looked at her as she entered through the gate.

She stood shocked and blankly stared at her sister lying there. She had been alive a little while ago. She answered a few questions she was asked by the police. Then she asked if she could go to the apartment for a while. She told them she would come back soon. The police officers were kind and let her go. They needed to ask more questions, but it could wait for a few more minutes. After all she wasn't leaving the premises. They didn't have to wait long. As promised she did come down; hurtling nineteen floors down and landed quite close to where her sister lay. The sudden 'thud' as the body landed right where they stood, sent a shudder down each one's spine. The two sisters had gone. The police was left with unanswered questions.

It seems that I too was left with some of my own queries. None of which had anything to do with the women per se, but about the loneliness, and often times resulting depression that arises in the lives of old people who have no support system. True these two had each other, but that's all they had, each other. When one went the other would be left alone and bereft. Was it some such thought that pushed the first one who jumped to take the plunge? Or was it something else? It is ironic how money and the comforts and security it can buy can't do much if one doesn't have a loving, caring family around. Especially for those to whom family, relationships matter a lot and form their support system. Ah! The tragedies of life. But life goes on and I too have got over the sadness. 

There's a weekend getaway coming up and I'm excited about it. It's a place I wished to go to way back in 2010, but never got to travelling there because I left Chile too soon. This time round god willing we're going to have a great road trip and a break at San Alfonso Del Mar.

The twins are going to be three months tomorrow! How time flies. So much of joy for this granny. My cup runs over and I'm drinking from the saucer.


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  1. Feel sad for the two sisters. Loneliness can be quite scary, isn't it. It forced the second sister to take her life the way the first one did, by hurtling down from nineteen floors.