Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cruising On The Global Superhighway

I've been away for quite some time and I missed the few people I interact with even though we only have intermittent communication. The fact that that we don't really know each other doesn't seem to matter. Over the distances we peek into each window or door that is kept ajar to welcome us...and voice our thoughts through our comments, left in a box. I don't know your voices, I don't know how you smile but I feel it in the words you leave for me to read.

Sometimes I try to put a voice to a face in the DP. I draw pictures in my mind as I read your accounts of your days! I could be way off the mark, but that's the magic of internet friendships. Unknown yet known. We're all real people on this global superhighway.

I've joined an educational organization, which is connected with Cambridge's ESOL exams in India. It's a temporary job so I am free to decide if I want to go to work on a particular day or not. However I find that I am eager to go daily. It gives me relief from the home alone situation that I have not got used to yet. And the income is always welcome! But it does leave me exhausted by the time I get back in the evening. So I haven't been a regular visitor here.

Yesterday I worked half the day, so found ample time to rest my weary bones and make it possible to drive around my 'blogway' today. I wonder if any one of you even noticed that I was gone? I like to think that you did...:))

Well, That's it for now...till the next, Ciao.



  1. Joy, I did notice you were gone, I love reading your blog. I am so happy you visited with me today and that you are okay. Sounds like you have a new job? Hope it is going well for you. What do you do at your new workplace? I would love to hear about your new adventure.

  2. I certainly missed you, Joy.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading about your thoughts and experiences.
    What does Ciao mean?

  3. Marlene, I'm so happy to see you here. Yes, I have a new job. The organization I work with partners with Cambridge University in their ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) programs. I am working as a checker for the English exams that are conducted for school kids in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

    It's ironic that in all my years of teaching, the thing I disliked the most was checking...home-work, class-work, exam scripts....:))) And now I am enjoying doing just that. LOL

  4. Hello Ken, I'm glad you missed me..:) Ciao, is an Italian word that is used as a "hello" as well as a "good-bye." We use it often to say Bye.

  5. Yes Khushi - your absence was noticed. We all "draw pictures in .. mind" based on the interaction here & it helps us relate. Glad that you are enjoying ESOL assignment.

  6. How is Ciao pronounced? Is it 'Cho'?

  7. @Ken..It sounds more like 'chow'.