Friday, April 29, 2011

Did I say losing it?

When you pick up the clothes, that you have just changed, and carry them with every intention of putting them into the laundry bag, but instead you walk to the kitchen and throw them in the’ve got a problem baby!

When you can’t remember if you had your morning dose of vitamins & meds, an hour or two after breakfast...honey you’ve got a problem!

When you sit to play Solitaire and Hearts for a little while to pass the evening and suddenly realize your arm hurts, your eyes are blurred and it’s 1.30 am or sometimes even 2.30 is a problem!

When you find telltale signs of social talk to yourself and the walls listen....sweetie go to the doctor!

When you find it hard to remember which regiment your brother is worry and ask I losing it?

When you find yourself groping for simple words because all of a sudden your mind goes blank....and the inner panic makes it worse....yell, it is trouble!

When you stop while talking because you realize you just said something that wasn’t what you meant like “wheels” instead of wind and many such’s not a comforting feeling and you want to talk to someone about it. Someone who will understand, be patient and above all is knowledgeable.

So you go to the only medical person you know and trust....your orthopaedic surgeon. You tell him what’s happening and barely whisper, “Is it Alzheimer’s?”

You aren’t prepared for the loud burst of laughter. You did not crack a joke...or did you, your brow crinkles as you try to go over what you said just in case....

“I’m serious doc,” you say a bit louder.

“Ma’am, you are still young for that, besides not many Indians are afflicted with the disease. Don’t worry no one dies of Alzheimer’s, the people who look after them die,” he ends with another burst of mirth.

Then he notices the look in your eyes. It is telling him you don’t find it funny. It is saying that the statistics for Indians with Alzheimer’s is questionable. Your eyes want to know at what age the first signs of the ailment are detectable. Yes, you want to know if you are a possible host for Mr Alzheimer.

“You are stressed. It’s nothing else, take a break, go for a holiday; meet more people” he says gently.

“You mean I’m not losing it?” you ask hopefully.

“No, not at all,” he says in his rich baritone, “you’re not losing it, it’s just that you are not using it.”

He had a point.



  1. Joy, I will be back to read this later as I am needing to leave. I wanted to let you know I did not get your email so here is my email address and lets give it another try:

  2. Reading this got me scared too O_o

  3. @Marlene....Thanks, I'll mail you from my personal email. Do check lest it go into the spam mail.

  4. Hi Kay, welcome to my comment box! I hope you are recovered from the fright. I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you..:) Though one knows not knowing for sure isn't the best of feelings.

  5. If that wasn't supposed to be funny, I profusely apologize, because I laughed! Actually you had me going until I got to the orthopedic surgeon. :) I can relate because I do some of the same things but it is not because I am losing my mind it is because mind is too busy thinking about something else rather than tending to the business at hand. We'll be OK :)

  6. @Maxie....I'm so glad you laughed. I laughed too, right after each event mentioned! But a little doubt growing from a little knowledge, got me worried a bit....till my trusty doc told me I wasn't losin it ...just not usin it LOL
    Yeah we'll be ok...luv ya!

  7. Joy I am back and had a chance to read and I to had to laugh. I have done everything you mentioned and even wondered if I had Mr. Alzheimer myself. I think what we do at our age is very normal, we just call it our Senior moments.

  8. @Marlene..That's so and Maxie make me feel normal again...:) Actually, I'm not yet in the 'senior' category, technically, as in my country 60 is the milestone. But going by the delightful incidents I dot my life with, I've definitely hop, skipped and jumped some years! Thanks for seeing me as a normal being..:))

  9. Certainly reassuring Khushi to learn that “you’re not losing it,...” Pleasure to see the Taurean spirit !!

  10. Taureans rock...don't they Raj :) Thanks!

  11. Lol.. reading all the comments, I'm kind of relieved and not scared anymore :)

    p.s. Do check my blog too, it has come back to life (well, sort of)

  12. Kay, I'm glad to hear that you have got over the fear and also about your blog being revived. Do read the latest post on mine...A whimsical little mind.