Monday, August 22, 2011

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.......

Hola! I'm back after one of those unscheduled breaks (from blogger) that keep happening despite my efforts at organisation and day agendas etc, etc!

The first thing that laid me low was a lesion in a lumbar disc, which I stupidly allowed to happen while I sat in an uncomfortable, unstable chair in a multiplex and refused to get up and leave because I was enjoying the movie so much (not to mention the money I'd paid) So bed rest it was....or so I thought!

The ongoing water situation (read: no water supply) which had started four days prior to my visit to the cinema hall, which the society supervisor had promised would get solved in three days, had not been fully resolved. However complaints and necessity moved the people in charge to buy huge quantities of water everyday. This came in water tankers and would then be pumped up to the overhead tanks. However they could not meet the desired level of need, so water was rationed and we had to be alert to fill up or then do without. Needless to say what happened to my back! The water situation continues, with hope gleaming on the horizon. A lot of drilling went on throughout last is in progress, Hallelujah! I'm happy to report my back is doing better. I decided to leave everything on hold and fill water and worked!!!

(FYI our side of modern Gurgaon uses ground water. It seems that the original pump had not been drilled deep enough and in the eight years since then the water level had gone down)

I have also been on flood control duty...(hyperbole ha!) A few heavy showers during this period threatened to flood my dining room! The balcony onto which the room opens out to, was getting flooded as both the outlet drains were clogged. Thankfully one was cleared.

I was worried about my potted plants. Rationed water left none for them...but the rains obliged so far. Let's see how I manage to keep them alive and well.

I've visited a few blogs and will be reading the ones I've left. It's nice to be back.



  1. Hope your back is better, sorry to hear about your water situation, then flooding! Seems that things come in waves (no pun intended!) doesn't it?

  2. DHH, you couldn't have said it better! I'm just back from a walk (short) and yes, my back is holding up, thank you.

  3. Reading your blog makes me wonder if I take everything I have here...especially the water supply, for granted.

    I'm really pleased your back is easing. It's also good to have you back to post such interesting situations.

  4. Ken, It's not only the water supply but the electricity too....we have so many outages it is a pain. I'm hoping the new pump gets installed is on.

  5. Hopefully you are feeling better by now. So sorry to hear about the water situation too. What an adventure for you. At least it made a good blog topic. :) Have a good rest of the week!

  6. Nice to see you back. Hope you are better now. Have a great week.