Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm adding things....

I'm taking too many breaks from this blog, too many. Is it good? I don't know perhaps it isn't good (for the blog) but the time not spent here has definitely been put to good use. I have started a new blog called chef-on-the-run and I would like you to visit it It is new and hardly a week old. But I like working on it and hope you will step in to read and motivate me.

I have a birthday coming up this month! Am I looking forward to it? Well, the answer is I have mixed feelings this year. After celebrating two birthdays alone, I'm pretty sure it isn't much fun without my children and grand daughter, and I would rather not make any attempt to have any parties. I am extremely alone at them, even while I'm flitting around talking one to the dozen and grinning from ear to ear!

This year I will celebrate quietly. I will celebrate:

- my journey thus's been anything but boring; it's been a joy

- me...I am Joy

- my family...they give me joy (even over the distance)

- my alone-ness...the solitude has strengthened me and built me up spiritually and that's a big source of joy

- my work...for the joy it gives

There's so much I can be happy about and so much to celebrate! So bring out the cake, a good book, a good movie and, some good music.....I want to bathe in it.

I am planning on giving this blog a new look, you know spruce it up, make it look crisper. Can I do that? No, not now, I can't. I'm technically lame so as soon as I get a friendly crutch you'll see some changes for the better. Till then... I'll continue adding things: Blogs, years, pounds....!?




  1. I am not big on celebrating my birthday, too. Although I do nothing, I end up having a really good time :) I hope you will accept a big hug from your friend over the blogosphere, for an heart-warming birthday ahead!! Incidentally mine also falls in this month....Cheers to us, then!

    1. Ditto here SB, at the end of D-day I fall into bed a happy person! Thank you for that hug my friend. It's always welcome and one back to you for your birthday. Do you fall in the Taurean list? Asking 'cause I'm one.
      Do you know, up in the North here, we also refer to a hug as a , "jadoo ki jhappi" ? 'jadoo' meaning magic and 'jhappi' meaning hug (a magical hug). Now you know why a hug feels so good even on the blogosphere :)

  2. Hope you enjoy these lines from Momin Sahib too. Am given to understand that :"तुम मेरे पास होते तो गोया, जब कोई दूसरा नहीं होता" were of specific interest to Ghalib as well, Thanks Khushi

    1. Yes, the deeper meaning applies. Thanks, Raj, for sharing