Saturday, June 20, 2015

Goodbye 'Hanky' & other little things

Where has the ladies' handkerchief gone?

I remember what an important part of one's dress this used to be. We shopped for 'kerchiefs or 'hankies' and spent quite a lot of time and money on getting the ones that were in. Oh yes, there were ones that were in and classy and ones that were so, er...aunty types or 'bhenji' no offence to anyone, I'm just stating how it was among us youngsters back then. Hankies never faded or ran bare, they just got lost, and had to be replaced with new ones. Maintaining them meant hand wash and ironing. And I did it happily. I commiserate the decline of this little piece of finery.

Then there were the kiddies' handkerchiefs. In those days there wasn't one kid in primary school without a hanky pinned, yes, you read that right...pinned, to his/her shirt/blouse/pinafore. And you read that right too...boys included! We're talking of kids in the ages of 3-6. As a young mom, I remember keeping a budget for kiddies hankies to be bought from Chandigarh on our annual visit. Jodhpur just didn't have what I wanted so I'd make do until the annual trip! Well, after all the handkerchief was a statement of sorts. It amuses me no end when I recall those days.

Today, the only handkerchief that retains it's position and place in a person's clothing is the men's handkerchief. As for us women, a sneeze is 'a-tissue'!

I still buy handkerchiefs, but not many. I can appreciate the convenience of carrying tissues. No maintenance and certainly a cheaper pun intended.

The other day I met someone and when she heard my name she exclaimed: "Oh, what a beautiful name! Joy and gay used to be my favourite words but now I don't like gay."

The other ladies and I laughed. But it is true. Though the word still retains its original meaning, the use of the word and what its connotation implies today limits the use of 'gay' to a specific meaning. I don't like words to be narrowed down so much. 
What a shame! Why can't I be happy and gay without being "gay?" I can no longer declare, as I used to, how "happy and gay" I am. To do so could be taken to mean a declaration of more than what I wish to imply.

That's another weekend gone by! I didn't want to do much and I didn't do much...task accomplished! 

Well, not really. I did post to my facebook page : D Stepladder 2 Hope, and I worked on some recipes for my blog But truth be told, I'm going through one of those hazy fazes, where ennui surfaces from time to time. I'd rather listen to music, watch a few old movies and serials, or curl up with the kindle and's not as bad as it sounds though...there isn't any marathon TV watching! Anyway I'm breaking the tedium with this post and some other things-to-do that have been languishing in a state of neglect. Good for me!

Tomorrow, Sunday 21st June is Father's Day! I celebrate my dad's life and work through wonderful memories. My sons who are fathers bask in the adoration of their little daughters. I draw great peace and joy in taking all this in. I feel blessed. But now I'll call it a day and sign off!


  1. Hankies - yes, my sisters and I used to carry them all the time! I still have a few that belonged to my mom and grandmother, but have only kept them for posterity's sake. As you said, the convenience of tissues has overtaken their use. My dad still uses men's handkerchiefs. He used to give us girls his (a clean one!) when we needed it.

    Thanks so much for stopping to see me at my blog this weekend. I too, have battled keeping my thought life where it should be. Will pray for you. Let's be works in progress together, shall we? Have a good week! :)

    1. Thank you Karen. I needed that. Thanks again.

  2. I remember being told that a girl/lady should always carry her handkerchief with her all the time. What if she suddenly sneezes or needs to wipe the sweat beading her face. But, nowadays no one carries a hanky anymore :( I still have a few hankies that my mom has made for us. She always carries her hanky. So do I.

    1. That's really ladylike Rachna! Thank you for reading and your comment.

  3. Always a pleasure to see the little ones grow... and ... hopefully out-grow... Nicely put.