Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Mornings....

Yesterday I woke up to an overcast sky and a cool breeze. I heard the harmonious choir of winged creatures as they flitted among the trees and garden bushes. I espied sparrows, a group of seven sisters, mynahs, honey suckles, bulbuls and though I couldn't see them I heard the distinguishable call of the koel and a peacock.

I closed my eyes and breathed in the peace and tranquillity. I was Eve in Eden......and then the Adam next door shattered the illusion and brought me down to earth as he leaned over the balcony and yelled, "Oye Ram Singh, paani nahin hai, motor chala do..."

Soon the cacaphony of the world drowned out the sounds of my winged friends.' Good Morning world,' I said as I carried on walking to a hot breakfast and Breakfast news!

"Oye Ram Singh, paani nahin hai, motor chala do".....
Oye Ram Singh there's no water, turn on the motor (water pump)

Seven Sisters: Jungle Babblers. Commonly called seven sisters because of their tendency to forage in groups of seven to ten.

Koel/koyal: You can hear this bird at this link:

Bulbul: Bulbuls are of different kinds. The one that i see regularly is a bird with a black pointy hood, a red patch behind his eye and a red bottom, also called the red vented bulbul. Here is a link:


  1. Good Morning Joy, Love those first peaceful mornings before everyone else is up.

  2. @ Marlene....It's only the mornings that are so...the quiet nights aren't like that...the mornings touch me in a myriad ways! You must be an early riser too.

  3. I am, I usually get up around 4:30 so I can enjoy my quiet, alone time.

  4. Peaceful mornings are sweet, even if short lived. :) I should probably get up earlier to enjoy them more!

  5. @Karen....How true, "sweet, even if short lived." I've been an early riser for years, but it is only recently that I have been able to enjoy the peace.

  6. Yes, I like the private early mornings...and evenings sitting outside watching the sun disappear. Unlike Marlene, my mornings begin around 6:00am. If I rose at 4:30 I would not be able to experience sunset:)

  7. Hi Ken, I see you are back from your sojourn to France...I do hope you had a very enjoyable break. Sunsets are very colourful. When I was in Mantagua, living on the shores of the Pacific, I saw awesome sunsets. And equally lovely, though intrinsically different, were the sunsets in the mountains of Nainital back here.

  8. That's my kind of peaceful morning. I have a bunch of noisy "Adams" here. :)

  9. Ah! proliferation of the "noisy Adams" ! Thanks Kelly for sharing that :)

  10. Hi Joy
    Is that where you are, in Nainital? I think Indian sunsets will be more spectacular than here in rain-lashed Newark.

  11. Ken, at present I am in a city called Gurgaon. But I used to live in Nainital, which is a hill station in the Kumaon hills region.

    There are some spectacular sunsets to be seen here...the best sea coast ones I've experienced are Goa (Arabian Sea) Kanyakumari (Indian Ocean) and Pondicherry (Bay of Bengal). In the hills, almost every major hill station has a sunset point from where one can view spectacular sunsets.
    Of course during the rainy season, even we can't get to see either...sunsets or sunrises.