Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holi - the festival of colours

This year Holi fell on Women's Day: 8th March. Holi is a Hindu festival of colour, celebrated mainly in the North of India. We don’t celebrate the festival, but the kids used to like colouring their friends and having water balloon fights when they were young! I have never liked the colouring stuff. Now I’m not knocking something without trying it....I did join David a couple of times when he insisted I join the revelry with his friends and colleagues. I didn’t like it one bit though I acted like I did.

However, with Hindu daughters-in-law coming in, I began celebrating the festival cooking. There wasn’t much that was different from traditional foods cooked at Christmas, so I enjoyed it. That was my participation and contribution. This year one of my daughters-in-law was here so I made some Indian sweets and savouries and added some baked dishes too, which are certainly not traditional!

What you see here is samosa(The triangular savoury)It's stuffed with mashed boiled potato, peas and cottage cheese. The little squares are called 'besan ki chakki' and is a sweet made out of chickpea flour. The third savoury is called 'mattar' and it's made out of refined flour(all purpose flour)

The empanadas had chicken sausage, diced potato and cherry tomato filling.

This was filled with zucchini and chicken mince

Picture courtesy: National Geographic News

Kids with the 'colours of holi' also called 'gulal' smeared all over!



  1. That looks like one delicious Holi!! Now I am hungry :)

  2. The recipes look yummy. We know so little about festivals in your part of the world but the festival of color is one we've heard of... probably because of all that splashing of color, it looks like a wild time.

    1. DHH...India has so many religions so there are many festivals too! Everything was yummmm...:)

  3. Glad to see all the fine items you prepared for Holi. Am sure the younger ones continue to admire your cooking Khushi, as also the fact that you join the festivities!

    1. Thanks Raj. One must respect the differences in each individual...besides, I love my family too and share the joy in all the festivals my DILs celebrate, through festive cooking!!

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