Saturday, July 24, 2010

Khaandaan Ka Paandaan....cont

"Looking for your face'......."Recognizing your face"......"Welcome."

That's my laptop's way of greeting me every time I switch it on. Makes me feel great. It's almost like a baby looking around for a face it knows, recognizing it and welcoming it with a smile of relief. Ever seen a baby do that...I remember how I used to feel when my babies did that, my heart used to melt.

And it makes me think. Don't we also look for a face; A special face in the crowd? At the railway station, airport, in a strange place, at weddings and parties, we look for a face in the crowd; and when we recognize one the welcome erupts in a million ways.

Waking, sleeping, dreaming...yes especially while in that sub-conscious to unconscious state, I look for faces. Faces from the past, faces from the present...faces that reassure me; that tell me "all is well." It doesn't matter from how far this assurance comes, from beyond the blue or from over the miles and seas and oceans, they comfort me. They are faces I seek, recognize and welcome into my world.

On the flip side there are a few times when my laptop, finds it hard to make a recognition. It asks me to face the camera. In other words I'm not in the ideal position. This makes me shift and turn, move forward and backward, in an effort to position myself just right. It applies to life too! We find a familiar face but fail to recognize it because the person has shifted or changed positions; grown, evolved. It becomes difficult for us to accept and welcome. At times like these I think the laptop provides the answer again!

Like your face is the stamp of recognition you carry all your life, in legal documents too, there are some values that define who you are at the core. If these change you become unrecognizable to some. It is the point where one can look within and decide if the changes and evolution are in the right direction. The laptop is like a parent or very special person in your life, no matter how much you might change, it still welcomes you if the most identifiable part of you remains the same.

The next obstacle my laptop faces in making a recognition is 'insufficient light.'
Someone is in darkeness here. It's either the laptop or it's me. So I begin to move into areas of light. When this doesn't work I realize it's not me but the laptop that's in insufficient light. So I reposition my little friend and a long-lost lover, friend, relative, finally recognizes and welcomes me.

So every time I'm 'welcomed' I realize I'm a face that has been sought and recognized in some capacity, in the other's life.

For now I'm glad my Della Baby, that's my laptop, has welcomed me!



  1. Great analogy. I did not know that computers had that ability, again I feel I am slipping behind in the technology world.

  2. Marlene, it's a face recognition option one can choose to log in. I feel the same way most times..:) By the time I hear and understand one thing, it's passe and a new thing is sweeping the world!!!!
    Have a great time uphill...that's the way we refer to a trip in the mountains..:D

  3. I like the new look of your blog. And I enjoy reading it. You have a beautiful face. :o)

  4. Like Marlene, I didn't know about such a facility either. Amazing!
    I like the analogy with parents or loved ones and a changing YOU.

  5. Ken, nice to see you.

    It's truly amazing to see the things technology is throwing up ...I walked into the Mac showroom and was zapped.

    Thank you for coming over.

  6. Hi Maxie, thank you. I'm not very tech savvy, and can't make a page as lively and colourful as yours or Marlene's so I'm glad you like what I've managed to do...:D

  7. Such fine expression Khushi " like a baby looking around for a face it knows, recognizing it and welcoming it with a smile of relief." Am sure we all recognise the tiny one within - with or without the notebook ! Thanks again

  8. You word your appreciation so well Raj...Thank you.