Sunday, July 18, 2010

Notes of a santoor....

It's of those days I really have nothing much to do on the home front or the professional one, and that's not something I always want. It's better to have something on my I find things to do.

This morning lost myself in the early hours of the day in lilting Pahari music, played on the santoor. Here on the fifteenth level, the breeze is cool and fresh in the mornings...closed my eyes and allowed myself to float.

Back to earth, I am looking forward to a chocolate and dessert session with a chef of a five star hotel. I was lucky to get an invitation!! It's going to be a long drive but it's worth it.

My new commitment has kept me from blogging for a while. I realise it wasn't the lack of time but the choice to devote whatever time I had to dwelling on that one thing to the exclusion of everything else.

I'll be back.



Pahari music (raga, dhun).......classical music and folk that originated from the Northern hills...from Nepal, J&K, Himachal, Uttaranchal etc.

Santoor.....The santoor is an Indian stringed musical instrument. It is related to the Indian shata-tantri veena of earlier times and has strong resemblances with the Persian santur. It is a trapezoid-shaped hammered dulcimer often made of walnut, with seventy strings. The special-shaped mallets (mezrab) are lightweight and are held between the index and middle fingers. A typical santoor has two sets of bridges, providing a range of three octaves.

The santoor as used in Kashmiri classical music is played with a pair of curved mallets made of walnut wood and the resultant melodies are similar to the music of the harp, harpsichord, or piano. The sound chamber is also made of walnut wood and the bridges are made of local wood and painted dark like ebony. The strings are made of steel.(Wikipedia)


  1. Good Morning - hope your business venture is shaping up and will be a huge success. Chocolate and dessert - sounds divine, enjoy!

  2. music, cooking, writing.. what else could make a sunday more beautiful

  3. True it turned out today was a great day. Thanks for reading...:)

  4. Hi Marlene, the business is shaping up slowly and steadily. I enjoyed the chocolate session with Chef Prashant. I even got to make two chocolate cigars...perfectly...:)Learnt how tyo make a ganache and about tempering chocolate.

  5. What a lovely post. I look forward to reading more; wishing you success at everything you set your hand too. :o)

  6. Thanks Maxie....gotta rush and house hunting on the cards. See you later...