Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm on cloud 9 and I didn't get my laptop along........

I'm sitting on Cloud nine...oh yeah, I am! My grand-daughter (1yr 8mths) is arriving tomorrow, from Canada, with her mother for a month long holiday. Isn't that enough to send me to a higher stratoshere?!

We'll be going to the Shimla hills for some days and we will be attending a wedding too. All this means I will be off blogging for a while. I hope to enjoy myself in Alyssa's's a welcome break from being 'home alone' and mostly grounded...:))

Don't forget me my friends, will miss reading your blogs.



  1. Wow! Khushi..thats great, spending time with your grand-daughter.You surely have earned the cloud nine holiday. Enjoy your gramdmotherly duties and time.

    Regarding my books, you can buy them on Flipkart (its a Indian online site like Amazon). The details are on my sidebar.

  2. Excited for you! Have a wonderful time! :)

  3. Khushi...I did not realize you're a Grandma. have a great time and see you soon,

  4. Enjoy your time with your grand-daughter! It will be so precious :)

  5. We will not forget you, Khushi. Have a wonderful time with your grand-daughter.