Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There’s Something About......

There’s something about shoes; new shoes in particular! I’m hopelessly in love with them.
I remember, when I was a little girl, I went to bed with my new shoes, every time a pair came home. I would push my little hands into each and gently rub the smooth soles on my cheeks.... I’d kiss them, and cuddle them and wake up in the middle of the night to make sure they hadn’t walked away or worse, I hadn’t crushed them under me! But that was short-lived: it all ended when I turned eight. The passion hasn’t died, but I don’t cuddle , kiss or go to bed with them! There’s something about the leathery smell of new shoes!

There’s something about walking on dew drenched grass, bare foot! An early morning walk, before the fresh drops evaporate...nothing could be more refreshing. In my country, it is believed that doing this is not only relaxing but also good for the eyes. Well, I don’t subscribe to the eyesight thing but endorse the relaxing bit. There’s something about the combination of dew and green grass and early mornings!

There’s something about sitting on a rock with your feet in a running, mountain stream. It’s about clear, cool water washing over your feet and through your toes as you wiggle them...about blue skies and white clouds...about rustling leaves, languid sunrays, silence and vast open spaces. Yes, there’s something about feet, running water and the mountains.

There’s something about sunsets! It just shuts me words to break the magic. Vibrant changing colours, darkness slowly creeping in as daylight fades...poetic, romantic, stirring. There’s something about watching the sun slide behind a mountain range or sink into the grand yet so peaceful.

There’s something about shopping at Christmas time! Hustle-bustle, lights, decorations, beckoning window displays, sales...the air is warm, friendly, frantic, hectic, exasperated and sheer fun! There’s something about Christmas shopping that makes me more generous than I usually am...carols, mid-night church service, freezing cold, warm blowers, woollies, gormandising, family get-togethers....yes, there’s something about this time of the year.

There’s something about old albums! Old photographs and warm memories: I could go through old pictures for hours. Each one sparks a memory...and I relive beautiful, funny, touching and sweet moments. There’s something about the way it connects the past and the and friends and moments.

There’s something everlasting about old songs! Most of the new ones are hear(d) today and gone tomorrow...but the golden oldies go on forever.

There’s something about living with all this technology! I can’t imagine life without the internet, mobile phones, laptops, computers, Blogs, Face Book, Skype...Yes, there’s something addictive about these technological luxuries...they make you dependent.

There’s something about life and living....helping, sharing, caring, loving and forgiving...yes, there’s something about life that’s addictive.



  1. I love new shoes too! I did not sleep with them as a child, but I loved them then too. :) This post reminds me of how thankful I am for little things, everyday things, and each and every breath I take.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. you have such wonderful thoughts, love the first one especially. And i didnt know that about eye sight and dew..could be true you know.

  3. Rohina,

    Thank you!

    Life Unordinary,

    I'm glad you appreciate them. Walking barefoot on dew-drenched grass could be good for the
    eye sight...there are many old Indian remedies and exercises that work wonders. It's just that I don't know for sure!

  4. Thank you Karen. Yes, how wonderful to count our blessings and it's the little things that make life so beautiful.

  5. I love new shoes too. Though I never cuddled them even as a child, I was and I am extremely possessive about them.

  6. So well said Khushi “...yes, there’s something about life that’s addictive” – beauty is to find ones’ specific “addiction” & grow with it !

  7. The joy of being is captured by you and brought to us, in all of these :)

  8. Rachna, Thank you for reading.

    Raj, Thank you Raj. Very apt indeed..."find" one's "specific addiction" and "grow" with it

    SprigBlossoms, Thank you.

  9. A lovely and thoughtful post and a timely reminder to have all my old albums digitised as a goal for next year.

    Have a good week.

  10. Ken, You've been away from your blog for a while...nice to see you back! Thanks.