Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Yesterday, the 5th of September, was Teacher’s Day. I revelled in the warmth of messages and wishes from old students. There’s something so special about old students remembering you: They bring back memories of another day; of celebrations in school, of being made to feel special....and a celebration at home that kept me on my toes. The first celebration at school felicitated and honoured the teachers. An honour I got by default: I was a teacher. The second one at home felicitated my late husband whose birthday fell on the fifth. I will always remember 5 September for the joie de vivre, food and company that invariably overflowed at home: he was a popular man.

Yesterday was different from the yesterdays I remembered. It was quiet, peaceful and relaxed....I loved it as much as I had loved the hustle-bustle ones of my yesteryears.

Yesterday, I read that personalities differ according to blood groups! I am acquainted with zodiac and sun signs thanks to Linda Goodman’s books. She writes about how these signs are responsible for certain characteristics of personality and their significant role in shaping one’s destiny. I do not take any part of it seriously. However, I was intrigued by this new information, but could not find much written about it.

I recalled another yesterday many years back. A friend, from France, had sent me pages and pages of information about food, medical treatment, and general healthcare of people with my blood group. I was not keeping too well in those days, and was recuperating from a major surgery. She meant well, but I was sceptical. I had never heard about blood group based treatments or food. It sounded bizarre and way out. Since then I have heard of such practices around the world, but they haven’t gained many followers.

The memory connected with the new information I had come across. It seems like the theory of the effects of different blood groups on personality, food requirements and general healthcare has its believers all around the world. It’s interesting to go through even though you might pooh-pooh it at the end of the reading! I’m giving you the personality for AB+ compiled from different sources......you will guess why I found it amusing and interesting at the same time.



Population: 4% of the world is AB + and 1% AB –

Your traits: Easy-going, Diplomatic, Creative, Unpredictable, Artistic, Flexible and Moody.

People with type “AB” are blends of opposites. They can be shy with some issues and bold with others. They are both introvert and extrovert. They are unpredictable and seem to have a calm exterior. They are very creative, good at spotting problems and skirting them. They can get bored easily. Everything they do is compelling. (they)Never take things for granted. Appear mysterious. Contribute harmoniously to society. They dislike touching or being touched by others.

Cool and controlled, you are generally well-liked and always put people at ease. You are a natural entertainer who is tactful and fair. But, you are standoffish, blunt, and have difficulty making decisions.

It is called the "The Enigma."

Wikipedia definition: An enigma is a puzzle, something mysterious or inexplicable, or a riddle or difficult problem.

Type AB's are the split personalities of the blood groups.

According to all the research I have done, the first positive date for AB blood type was 700 AD. However, if you believe the Shroud of Turin, which was found to have AB blood on it, was the cloth that Jesus was wrapped in after his crucifixion, then it would be much earlier than that.

What does AB mean in blood types?

Those who have type AB blood do not make any A,B, or O antibodies. It will accept any blood type in a transfusion. AB is the universal recipient.

So how did it come into being when the rest of the world was O, A, and B?
If an A is inherited from one parent and a B from the other, the type will be AB


See what I mean......."population worldwide 4%"....."Shroud of Turin"....."AB blood on i"t........"split personalities".....:)!!

I remembered Sidney Poitier yesterday. Oh no I didn’t know him beyond the silver screen! His role as a teacher in the movie ‘To Sir with Love’ remains one of my favourites. It appealed to us young ones quite a bit because it was in stark contrast to what we had on the other side of the table most of the time. And that made me remember Lulu...oh I didn’t know her either beyond the records on the turn-table. She sang that lovely song for Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier) Much later, as a young teacher, new to the profession, I dreamt of other 'Lulus' singing that lovely title song to me! Yesterday, I dedicated it to my favourite teachers, who won’t even know about it: Two aren’t on the social site and one has passed away. But that doesn’t matter...they have given me wonderful yesterdays, and tomorrows.

Yesterday I wove a lovely fabric from old yarn.
Today it is time for something else.



  1. What a pleasant post! Full of lovely personal touches. Being a retired gymnastics coach, I know that wonderful feeling of being remembered fondly by an old student. It's such a warm and happy feeling.

  2. Hi NP, that's so true. Thank you.

  3. It must be a wonderful feeling to be appreciated by old students. My mum is a teacher and i know how much that means to her.

  4. Teachers hold a special place in my heart, and so belated wishes to you! I really liked the last two lines of your post....its very peaceful and refreshing :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Life Unordinary,

    I share your mum's feelings about this. It is a special feeling and warms the heart.


    Thank you for your wishes and for reading :)